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Professional Tips

Professional treatment ampoule
Professional treatment ampoule – after spraying the ampoule, massage the client head till you got foam. Then you cover her head with a plastic hat ( to keep it warm ) for five minutes and rinse.

Serum- a few drops of royal Moroccan serum treatment in the color cup will add shine to the colored hair.
Rub the tips of your hair with the serum to preven split ends.

Nourishing mask treatment
Nourishing mask treatment – specially designed for minimum waiting time, only one minute and the mask can be washed off – it is no longer necessary to wait long periods of time in the shower.

Curl cream and Sculpting gel
You can mix the royal Moroccan curl cream with the royal Moroccan sculpting gel , style your hair and blow dry with a diffuser to get a professional styling and still keep the shine and moisture look.

Moisturizing shampoo
Sulfate free moisturizing shampoo - Complements a keratin based salon treatment or any other chemical treatment that his affect worn off by regular shampoo.(like Brazilian blowout)

How to find the right argan oil product for you?
Be aware of your hair and how it reacts to different argan hair products. Try different amounts to maximize your hair's benefit from each product. Remember – each hair type is different and needs a different treatment and different amounts.