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Natural Argan

The ARGAN tree, also kmown as "Argania spiosa" Plays a main role in Moroccan heritage, especially in the southern regions of Morocco, Agadir. the Atlas Mountrains and the Souss- Draa Regions. Adecade ago it was mainly part of the Berber life, now up until recently its' become the pinnacle of the health supplement and the cosmetics industries.

This amazing tree only grow in this region, and no where else in the world; attempts to reproduce this tree elswhere have failed.

ARGAN OIL is an oil producted from the kernals of the Argan tree, endemic and numerous medicinal properties.

The tree, arelict species from the Teriary age, is extremly well adapted to drought and other enviromentally difficult conditions of southwestern Morocco.

Argan oil production

The argan oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree. the extraction of oil from the hard shell kernels made by one of two ways:

The ancient method was to collect the resource from goats waste and process it so it can be used for culinary and cosmetic purposes.

Now days the argan oil suppliers use machines to press and produce the oil more efficiently.

Argan Nut